“Shadan's dance class is truly one of my favorite activities I've set aside for myself. It so much more than just "Persian dancing"; she provides diversity in the dances from all regions of brining history to the class, her positive energy brings a liveliness to her class where I walk out fully energized, and her humbling and dedicated attitude brings a comfort to the class that allows me to get out of my shell and express myself through her dancing. I would take her class over and over again if I could.”

-Maryam Nasizadeh

"Shadan's adult Persian dance class is the highlight of my week!  I have always been captivated by the beauty and grace of Persian dances, but was somewhat intimidated to take a class, as the movements never came naturally to me.  Shadan is an amazingly talented teacher in this art form!  She explains and breaks down the movements so nicely, making them easy to follow.  After only a few classes, you really feel like you are getting the hang of it!  She is also very knowledgeable about the history of the different dances and regions where they originate!  Shadan brings such positive, joyful energy to each and every class.  I can't help but feel joy and peace as I dance and twirl to the uplifting music, with the other wonderful ladies around me!  Thank you, Shadan, for making my Thursday nights so special!"

-Reyhaneh Eghbali,  Technology Transactions Attorney

“I can't thank Shadan enough for preparing me to dance at our wedding!  Not only did she teach me a variety of Persian social dance moves, she helped me to feel comfortable and have fun with this style of dancing, which I hadn't previously felt despite growing up in the Persian culture.  I am so grateful for her patience, kindness, and dance skills (which she allowed me to record weekly so that I could practice at home).  My husband and I not only had fun dancing at our wedding, but can now look forward to dancing at all the future Persian weddings and get-togethers in our life together!”

 -Nina Irani, Counsel at Energy Labs, Inc

“Shadan is wonderful! Our classes were so lucky to welcome springtime with her celebratory performance. She has a kind and encouraging manner with children, appearing to them as a lovely princess from a faraway land that has enchanted them and enriched their cultural understanding in the most inspiring way.  We especially valued her grace and openness as virtues of an ideal role model, as she taught the children the scarf dance in a circle and the rice harvest dance with the props.   We watched her coordinate two large groups of 6-7 year old kids, (49 kids in all). She was able to get all of them dancing and having a great time! The kids loved using the scarves and props and the dances she taught were both simple and culturally representative. It was a great way to encourage both the spirit of the dance and Persian culture. We highly recommend her!”

-Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Dugoni, 1st grade teachers at Laurel Elementary School

“I enrolled in Shadan's Persian Dance class recently. Shadan's warm personality and contagious enthusiasm has kept me going. Shadan is patient and understanding and makes sure all of her students learn every move and choreography. She comes down to their levels to reach and teach them. Furthermore, she never leaves anyone behind. As a dance teacher, she is indeed one of the best. She has a vast knowledge of Persian culture, music and rhythms of different regions. She incorporates the traditional dance from folk to modern. Her love of dancing shines through her smooth moves when she dances with the music. Shadan is skilled and natural. During her class, students learn, laugh, share and have a good time mainly due to her dedication and friendliness. I highly recommend Shadan.”

-Pam Rezvani

 “Learning from Shadan is a complete delight. Not only is she a talented dancer and great instructor, but she is personable and pleasant to work with.  She is able to perfectly convey the feelings and emotions behind each dance move.  I found my sessions with her absolutely useful for preparing for my upcoming wedding.”

-Shadi Doroudgar, Pharmacist


“I never thought I could learn to dance but after only one class with Shadan I already have some moves to show off to my friends!  Shadan is an absolute natural when it comes to teaching dance. She not only patiently took her time to show us the exact moves she also talked about the history of it which made the dance even more special. I also left the class feeling more centered and balanced. Good for my body and spirit. I highly recommend her class!”  

-Traycee Jurado, Strategic Support in Sales Solutions, LinkedIn


"My 8 year old daughter has been taking Persian Dance lessons with Shadan for several years now and absolutely loves it! Shadan has a special way with her students making them feel important and the center of attention even though they are in a group.  She has also fostered great friendship and camaraderie among her students teaching them to help each other learn and perform.  It's been a pleasure watching my little girl develop a love for Persian Dance, and  to see her learn to perform in front of an audience without any hesitation all thanks to Shadan's gentle encouragements and natural teaching style."

 -Patricia Zahedani, Sr Associate Counsel at Risk Management Solutions

"I am a mother of two little girls age 4 & 6. My girls love going to Shadan's dance class. Shadan is an amazing teacher. Although she is teaching a group lesson but shadan has a special way to constantly connect with each student and to make sure that they feel involved and focused. The girls have not only had a chance to learn an important part of the Persian culture but also they have learned to be a lot more social and comfortable in front of any audience. I am very happy that I was able to find Shadan and I would recommend her class to anybody who is looking for an all around experience.”

-Mahnoush Ghobadi, Mother

“My daughter has been taking classes with Shadan for the past couple of years and we are very happy! It is very nice to find a teacher that is able to make classical Persian dance fun yet elegant for little girls. I really appreciate Shadan's dance aesthetic, choice of music and lovely demeanor.  This summer my daughter took private lessons from Shadan weekly and I was delighted at how much they enjoyed their time together.” 

-Melody Mortazavi, Co-Owner of Ume Children’s Playspace

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