Persian Dancing






Dancer • Teacher • Performer

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My dance is the delicate balance between protecting and connecting the Iranian women of the world while sacredly sharing our joyful secrets with all our sisters.


Adult mixed levels weekly class
children’s weekly class

We twirl, we spin, we learn the technique and vocabulary of various classic and folkloric dances of Iran and its musicians in a social, supportive class in Menlo Park (adults) and Palo Alto (children), in California. Beginners welcome.


Persian dance for events
Bay area, california

Make your event more memorable with Persian dance! Find out how you can hire dancers for weddings, bridal showers, cultural events, showcases, Norooz parties, and more.


wedding preparation
Bay area, california

Get ready for the big day with first dance choreography or social dance lessons for brides and grooms, or for the wedding party.